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Raikeswood Camp near the centre of Skipton was used in World War One as a training camp for the Bradford Pals.

In 1918 it became a Prisoner of War Camp for German officers.

There appears to be no visible remains of the camp and much of the area has been built over with residential housing. However, a local field in Skipton has been identified as a potential area of interest.

During the first week of August 2016 students under the leadership of archeologists will excavate parts of the field. Coincidently (and excitingly), language students from Leeds University are currently translating a diary made by German officers at the time. This unpublished (in English) diary describes the camp and life in it from a German perspective.

This Heritage Lottery funded project is led by Upper Wharfedale School and is a unique venture involving a collaboration of Skipton schools, archaeologists and heritage partners.